Speech and Language Evaluation and Therapy

Our experienced Speech Language Pathologists diagnose and treat articulation and phonological delays as well as language comprehension and expression disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs diagnose and treat difficulties with fine motor skills, motor planning, sensory integration, body awareness, self-regulation and organization. They also work with children who have feeding difficulties.


Our clinical and educational audiologist can diagnose and treat hearing loss in children.  She will work with the family and school in order to maximize the child's success.

Reading and Math Support

Our reading and math specialists are experts in elementary curriculum and know the specific skills needed to be successful at each grade level.  They can assess and identify areas of difficulty and then develop plans to target those skills. They are also able to help parents learn the "new" way of doing math so that parents can help their children at home!

Psychoeducational Evaluation

Our licensed school psychologist can administer the annual educational evaluation required by the Florida DOE for homeschooled students, and conduct gifted evaluations, ADHD screenings, and psychoeducational evaluations to determine academic strengths and weaknesses, including assessment in the areas of intellectual ability, academic achievement skills, and processing skills.